vivid dreaming

May 2020

Shortly before Julia wrote this poem, a friend asked her whether her dreams had been more vivid than usual during quarantine. She wasn't sure as she never remembers her dreams, but then she came upon a New York Times article about how people tend to dream especially vividly during crisis and/or in moments where they do not feel in control. 

Julia wrote this poem while imagining what some of those forgotten dreams may be. 

to love and to be loved

Spring 2020

Julia Sorensen collaborated with poet Ari Zak and producer Evan Oddleifson (Grub) to write this spoken word / music concept album for a show at SkirtsAFire 2020. 

While Ari’s work displays a growing ambivalence with the state of herself and the world as a whole, Julia does her best to contend with the brokenness this shared outlook creates. Their thoughts on loving, being loved, and simply being might just show you how to sew your pieces back together, or at least inspire you to begin to pick them up. CDs and cassettes are available for purchase. Please contact Julia if you are interested. 

A Letter to Anxiety

January 2018

Julia no longer writes slam poetry or competes in poetry slams but has a deep appreciation for the community and the room it makes for anyone to speak their truth. 

She performed this poem at Edmonton's Indie Slam Finals. 


Fall 2017

Julia is (predictably) a Shakespeare fan just as much as she's a fan of considering possibilities and what-ifs. Her song "Sanctuary" is based off of her favourite lines from Hamlet and is designed to be a conversation Hamlet and Ophelia never had. 

The music video was directed and edited by Adrianna Rangelhoff with the help of Holly Mazur as part of Amplify Festival. 

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